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Anthony Collito founded, Down the Cape, in 2018 with the desire to transform and elevate the level of service that thousands of travelers receive when they visit Cape Cod each year. Having grown up in Yarmouth, Collito's parents met while working in Cape Cod's service industry; hospitality could quite possibly be in his blood. At age fourteen, he began his career working for Red Jacket Resorts. It was there that he learned early on, no guest request is too difficult to fulfill. This motto, combined with his passion for impeccable service, carried him to manage some of the most desirable concierge desks from coast to coast. Collito has worked at Chatham Bars Inn, XV Beacon in Boston, and the world famous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, CA. With his diverse background of experiences, he has catered to some of the world's most notable and influential celebrities, politicians, athletes, and executives.

While working in Los Angeles, Collito became acquainted with catering to the needs of the ever evolving, 21st-century traveler. In a tech reliant world, guests have become accustomed to instantaneous service at the touch of their fingertips. Mobile technology has greatly affected travel bookings and is quickly becoming the norm; driving the increasingly important real-time conversation between the traveler and the concierge. Collito recognized the critical need for a more innovative approach to fulfilling the requests of his guests, as well as supporting his concierge staff while raising their level of service. He has served as a consultant to many hotel operation platforms, including, ALICE. Combined with his passion for innovation and his desire to advance Cape Cod's hospitality industry, Collito founded, Down the Cape, on a mission to showcase the unique beauty of his hometown roots with the world.

Eat, play, and explore all the Cape has to offer. We'll do the planning. 

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