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Digital video creator

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Job Type


About the Position

Can you create engaging videos online with a sales drive who wants to share their favorite local area experiences? If so, then this might be your opportunity to grow! As a member of Down the Cape Travel's Intern Program, you will build relationships with local tourism businesses to create sponsored, original, and informative content for travelers to Massachusetts, as well as develop your industry network.


This unpaid remote internship will immerse you in the growth of a travel industry start-up by throwing you in the fire of preseason tourism marketing. You will create engaging tourism and branded content videos for small tourism businesses to help promote their marketing endeavors. Receive real-world experience editing across various digital platforms, from social media posts to app features and website clips. In addition, you will collaborate with other marketing majors around New England to create media for our multi-channel digital network.


  • Seamlessly work remotely; adjusting to multiple time zones

  • Foster critical thinking skills making on the fly marketing adjustments

  • Gain experience collaborating with other marketing students

  • Grow your network by working directly with local tourism brands & business associations

Social Media

  • Thorough understanding of our engagement data on multiple platforms

  • Use engagement rates to decide the marketing strategy

  • Source timely and useful tourism information

  • Work with local brands to schedule content and marketing partnerships.

Content Creation

  • Create content consistent with the current creative aspect

  • Submit material in a timely manner to adhere to our social media schedule

  • Utilize written articles, videos, and multiple social media platforms to tell your story

Email Marketing

  • Create effective copy and design email marketing promoting your material

  • Analyze open and click rates to adjust your work for better effectiveness.

PROJECT SCHEDULE (12-15 Hours per week)

Three-month program starting March 2022.


  • Must be able to travel around Cape Cod for on-site marketing work from Late May-July

  • Updated resume

  • Two (2) recent video samples

  • Social media account info

  • Previous client reviews and/or references (if any)

  • Experience in WordPress or other blogging platforms

  • Fluent in all social media platforms or can learn quickly


Weekly Stipend for on-site marketing work

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