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Cape Space Solves the "Getting Work Done on Vacation" Dilemma

Contributed by Cape Space

You’re in the middle of your Cape vacation and you get the dreaded text or email. It’s your boss. That assignment which was due next week?

...Well, it’s due tomorrow (gulp).

No need to turn your hotel room or vacation rental into a de facto office. That’s because there’s CapeSpace, a coworking facility with two locations – one on the Mid-Cape in Hyannis and one on the Upper Cape in Mashpee Commons – to meet all your business needs.

How does it work?

We’re glad you asked! We have a mix of private offices, a business lounge, meeting space, and virtual offices. By popular demand, we recently added a new amenity – Zoom Rooms, where you can safely and quietly conduct a Zoom call in a professional setting without the little ones and furry friends interrupting. Since mid-March, all of these spaces have been transformed to protect your health and safety. And all of these spaces are designed for people like you who may need a professional business setting for a day (or two or three) – the great part is you get to choose the length – to conduct your work without any outside distractions.

Private office packages come equipped with the furniture and technology you need to get to work on day one.

Even better, CapeSpace has all the amenities you need, from printing and photocopying to mailing and shipping to tech support, including laptop rentals, web conferencing, and conference calling. And thanks to OpenCape, we have the fastest and most reliable WiFi in the region.

The most popular option for visitors like you is our Business Lounge where you’ll have plenty of space to spread out, conduct your work, and maximize your productivity. Both our Hyannis and Mashpee lounges are light, bright, and inspiring – the kind of modern setting ideal for on-the-go professionals.

Each workspace is six feet from its nearest neighbor or privacy partitions have been installed (and in most cases both)

While there are plenty of plans to choose from, our Washashore is the preferred choice for people visiting from off-Cape. Choose from a sand bucket full of hours (10 hours; 40 hours; 80 hours) that is designed to fit your schedule. The best part? The buckets never expire so if you plan on coming back this spring, summer (or whenever), you can rest assured you’ll have a place to work remotely (and productively) while on the Cape.

So what are you waiting for?

Go see why CapeSpace is a better way to work, even when you’re on vacation. Contact the CapeSpace team today! | | 508-202-1680

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