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Day Trip to Boston

No vacation to New England is complete without visiting the city of Boston for the day! Coming from the Lower or Outer Cape? Skip the Bridge traffic and make the most out of your time by taking the fast ferry which departs from Provincetown and you arrive in downtown Boston in under 2 hours! As you arrive in Boston Harbor, you'll want to have your phone or camera ready to capture the iconic panoramic views of the city skyline. Check out our suggestions below!

Upstairs Downstairs Antique

Upstairs Downstairs Home is located on Charles St in Boston's quaint Beacon Hill neighborhood. The place "where everything old is new again" and where there is something for everyone, the antique collection at Upstairs Downstairs is not one to miss. Laura, Mark, and Mary were extremely friendly and passionate about their work and explained that they "just want their guests to come in and have fun!" With many Cape-themed items on display, it would be a perfect place to purchase a memento to commemorate your trip!

Hub Town Tours

A must for travelers, townies, and locals alike, Hub Town Tours, is not one to miss! Learn the stories of Boston's rich historical past. Check out more at our blog here. Hubtown Tours embraces the fact that "this small colonial town played a fundamental role in creating the United States of America," hence why it is so important to experience this history for yourself.

A highlight of the tour was visiting the Granary Burying Ground. As Boston's third-oldest cemetery, this landmark is filled with history. A resting place for the richest and most powerful people, some historical figures buried there include Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Robert Treat Paine.

Ted Clark, Hubtown Tours | Granary Burying Ground, Downtown Boston

If you are a food and history lover, the Union Oyster House is another "can't miss" spot when visiting Boston. This is America's oldest restaurant and the only restaurant to be named a national historic landmark. It was by far the largest and most unique restaurant I have ever been to. It felt like stepping into a time capsule. It is located on The Freedom Trail right next to Faneuil Hall and has beautiful outdoor seating looking out on the streets of the West End. We met with the owner, Joseph Milano, who could not have given us a better experience! He gave us a full tour of the restaurant showing us the hall of fame wall where you can find your favorite celebrities, athletes, actors, and politicians who have eaten at the Union Oyster House before. They even have the 'Kennedy Booth' on the second floor. This is where JFK and his family would sit every time they came to Union Oyster House. They also had several bars, a gift shop, historical private rooms, and unbelievable artifacts displayed on the walls throughout the entire restaurant.

There are plenty of ways to + from Boston

Sam Adams Tap Room

Celebrate your day at Samuel Adams TapRoom! With a variety of seating options, there is space for groups large and small. Known for their extensive, eclectic, and seasonal brews, there is something on the menu for everyone. Pair your drafts with a selection of appetizers and small bites.

After we finished up with our food and drinks, we were able to get a tour of the rest of the TapRoom and were continuously blown away by how great this new place to be was. The rooftop seating and its atmosphere was unbeatable as it overlooked the beautiful streets of downtown Boston. Whether you are visiting for a day trip or grabbing a drink a day of work in Boston, we highly recommend paying a visit to Sam Adams Taproom.

We have many years in the business providing unique experiences all over Boston. Let us plan your next trip to the best sports town in America. This winter, we will be offering packages including airfare and accommodations. Send us an email at for more information.

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