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Educator turned Entrepreneur: Lisa Holmes' turn to BabyQuip

Meet Lisa Holmes. Mother of two, loves to be outside and in the warmth, and a Cape Cod local living in Wellfleet.

After teaching elementary school for 12 years, Lisa Holmes was seeking a side hustle that would fulfill her entrepreneurial spirit during her time off in the summer. During her search for a secondary occupation, Lisa was listening to a podcast called “Side Hustle School” where she first heard about Babyquip, a baby gear rental service that allows you to “leave the bulky baby gear at home.” As a mother of a 5-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter, Lisa resonated with the mission of the company as she had plenty of leftover gear from her son and was familiar with how the company’s solution could apply to families traveling to the Cape with young children.

From the start, Lisa loved being a part of the BabyQuip rental team: “It felt like a fun little startup with a great little corporate team. I took on any extra work that the corporate team offered so that I could work more closely with the company… It’s an incredibly supportive and fun community to be a part of. The corporate team is made up of smart, determined, and also hilarious personalities. I feel so lucky to be part of this company.”

Not long after working as a Quality Provider for the company where she would deliver and pick up equipment from clients throughout Cape Cod, Lisa impressed the leadership team with her work ethic and passion, and was offered a full time position as Recruiting and Onboarding Manager. Lisa has now been a part of the company for over four years where she has watched the company grow: “There were maybe 100 QPs around the US and Canada when I joined in 2018, and now we have over 1,000. The providers are largely women with young children who are looking for a way to make additional income so they can spend more time with their families… I found a “side gig” that I’m super passionate about, and this led to a new career. I’m working remotely and have a much more flexible schedule so I can be with my kiddos more. I feel like I won the lottery.”

Not only is Lisa a Recruiting and Onboarding Manager, but she is also a certified cleaner where she is in charge of cleaning equipment: “The cleaning business is much slower than rentals so it hasn’t been a problem yet, but with BabyQuip you have the ability to pause your site(s) whenever you need to. I paused both sites for a few weeks after my daughter was born, and paused cleaning when I started my new job with BabyQuip corporate. I’ve gotten pretty good at cleaning gear, so when I get a cleaning order I can usually pump it out pretty quickly!”

BabyQuip has provided Lisa with a flexible schedule so that she can spend more time with her family, and during the summer when business picks up, Lisa has curated a strategic plan that works for her: “I leave my house early with an empty truck and drive strategically around the Cape doing pickups. I unload back at my house in Wellfleet and then load right back up to begin the deliveries. Sometimes I have a friend help me because it’s impossible to be in Sandwich and Provincetown at the same time, so we divide and conquer. It’s a lot of fun but it’s exhausting, and Labor Day is always a welcomed day!”

When asked about any challenges she has faced through her four years working with the company, Lisa has navigated through issues tactically: “I had to buy a truck for deliveries and a couple of sheds for my gear. A full size folding crib is the most popular item people rent, and they take up a ton of space! Scheduling can be tricky too–I try hard to do everything myself, but I’m at the point where I need an employee if I want to make it to the beach this summer.”

While Lisa has taken her work with Babyquip full–time, there are many opportunities for other individuals who are looking for a side hustle or more flexible hours. Specifically, Lisa discusses her experience speaking with women across the country who share the same story as her: “As a new mom, there is a real pull between working a full-time job and being present for all of the fleeting moments of those early years. Many of us would rather sacrifice the income to be home more, and that’s where BabyQuip has a giant appeal. It gives you the freedom to grow your own business, which is incredibly empowering, and also have your kids at your feet while you’re doing it. We’re a community of over 1,000 providers all over North America and beyond, and while there are some amazing men involved, there’s an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and pride– girl bosses getting it done to help themselves and their families.”

This summer, Lisa is aiming to reach a total of 1,000 orders; she is currently at just over 650, an impressive distribution. Lisa is loved within the Cape Cod community with over 200 5–star reviews. One client, Rachel Dunn, expresses her praise, “From the first time I emailed her, Lisa made the process of renting a bassinet with BabyQuip seamless. When our plans changed, and we asked to extend our rental - more than once - she was able to accommodate requests and processed everything quickly. It was such a relief. I couldn't recommend her more highly for anyone looking for baby equipment on the Cape!” Another client, Hannah Black, notes, “My provider, Lisa, was incredible! She was easy to communicate with, friendly, the items I ordered were clean and in great condition, and everything was delivered/picked up on time. I wish I had discovered BabyQuip sooner, as it makes traveling with young children SO much easier. I definitely plan on using BabyQuip for all my future trips and will also rent even more items next time to lessen our load.”

If you are interested in renting equipment or becoming a part of the BabyQuip team to reap the benefits of flexible hours, being home more often, and joining an inspiring community, contact Lisa Holmes at To read more about the services Lisa offers, visit her contact page!

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