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Hub Town Tours: A Walking History Lesson of Boston

Are you planning a day trip to Boston, currently live in Boston, or want to learn more about one of the most historical cities in the country? If so, I highly recommend booking a tour with Ted Clark from Hub Town Tours to get the full historical experience of how this amazing city came to be.

I learned more about the city of Boston from Ted than I have from any other history class I've ever sat in on. I can honestly say it was the best educational experience I've ever had. Ted's ability to bring the people and events of Boston's history to life as he guided our way through the cobblestone streets was captivating. With his detailed explanations and enthusiastic storytelling, it was as if these historical events were happening right in front of our eyes.

We met Ted outside of the Union Oyster House and began the tour while walking past Faneuil Hall as he transported us back to the 1700s to begin the story of The Freedom Trail through the heart of downtown Boston. With the presentation of images of notable leaders, protestors, and locations, Ted started his story with The Sons of Liberty led by Samuel Adams. Our trail continued on with different stops between the Boston Common to the Old North Church. Some of these spots included Faneuil Hall, the Old North Church, Granary Grave Burial, the Old State House, the first public school in America, and the old South meeting house.

A highlight of the tour was visiting the Granary Grave Burial. As Boston's third-oldest cemetery, this landmark was rich with history. A resting place for the richest and most powerful people, some historical figures buried there include Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Robert Treat Paine

We ended our tour where we started, outside of the Old State House at the site of one of the most well-known historical events to ever take place in Massachusetts, the Boston Massacre. As people casually walked by, it was hard to imagine the magnitude of the very spot we were standing on. Ted's ability to bring engage his audience was one of the most unique Boston experiences I have ever had.

Hub Town Tours one goal is "to provide the most fulfilling history tour experience of this fantastic American city." Some of their other services include the Revolutionary story, small group experiences, historic landmarks, Harbor ferry (private & charter), a three course lunch (private & charter), and hotel pick up where your guide will come to you (private & charter).

Tour Information

Midday Tours | 1.5 hours, $25.50/ticket, 15 guests max

Start at 11am and 1pm on all Saturdays through October

Evening Tours | 2 hours, $35.50/ticket, 15 guests max

Start at 4pm every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through October

Private Tours | 2-3 hours, $125.00/hour, up to 6 guests

Always available upon request, seven days per week

All tours are instantly bookable online through their brand-new official website:


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