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Looking For a Fabulous Facial? Check Out Pampered Pearl in Yarmouth Port

If you are in need of a facial, beauty service, your makeup done, or just want to treat yourself to a relaxing skin care experience, the newly opened Pampered Pearl is your place to go.

Pampered Pearl is a small and intimate skin care studio located inside of Waves Hairport at 938 Main St route 6A in Yarmouth Port. This unique and cozy studio is run by Vanessa Cross, a licensed esthetician and makeup artist who truly cares about making her clients feel better both physically and mentally.

As a staff member of Down the Cape, I had to check out Pampered Pearl for myself. The moment I walked into Vanessa’s studio I knew I would be getting a top-tier experience. Her decorations, plants, bedding and peaceful music made me feel right at home. Pampered Pearl is a super relaxing space specifically decorated by Vanessa to make her clients feel comfortable.

I have had plenty of facials throughout the years, and my experience with Vanessa was by far the best. She uses trustworthy products and wants to make sure her clients not only have a relaxing experience, but also leave with healthier, brighter skin. Vanessa wants to give her clients more than the typical “fluff” facial and focus on improving the skin with each product and treatment she uses. Her goal is to treat your skin clinically and therapeutically to give you the best results possible.

For my treatment, Vanessa began with a charcoal cleanser followed by some steam to clear out and clean my skin without irritating it. Then, she used a raspberry scrub to exfoliate and revive my skin. I instantly felt a difference at how much lighter and refreshed my skin was. Vanessa then did some extractions that cleared up any pores or blackheads that made a huge difference in helping my skin feel clean and smooth. The massage with serum and peptides relaxed me physically and mentally. The next treatment Vanessa used was the Vampire PPLA Hydro-jelly Mask used to infuse the skin for an uplifted and refreshed look. The cool touch of the jelly mask was an extremely refreshing and unique experience that I would recommend to anyone. Vanessa finished off with a blue LED light used for healing acne and any blemishes or scars. During this she placed Chakra Crystals on me, specifically rose quartz, fluorite, and clear quartz, that help with emotional and spiritual energy that turn negative energy into positive and lead to good health.

I left Pampered Pearl with noticeably brighter and healthier skin thanks to Vanessa! I learned that Vanessa offers several different facial treatments of anyone's choosing, including a men’s facial that promotes healthy skin and hair growth. Beyond facials, she offers numerous other services and treatments as well, like waxing services, advanced skin treatments, and eyelash/eyebrow tints and lifts. Treat yourself to an unforgettable spa experience with Vanessa by contacting us at

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