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Outer Cape Beaches

The Ultimate Cape Cod Beach Guide was curated by our very own marketing interns. Each beach represented below was researched and vetted based upon the following criteria; parking availability and ease, the 'swimmability' of the surf, and its friendliness to families with young children. Check out the sandy shores listed by location and be sure to download our app for an interactive user-friendly map to plan your next beach day!

Taking a trip to the Outer Cape and not sure which beaches to visit? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to catch some big waves or want to take a relaxing dip at a bay-side beach, the Outer Cape has a seemingly unlimited selection of unique options that will cater to your needs.


Eastham has the perfect mix of ocean-side beaches with crashing waves, as well as calm bay-side beaches that are perfect for children. The bay-side beaches in Eastham undoubtedly have some of the best sunsets on all of Cape Cod - you don’t want to miss out on these!

Coast Guard

This iconic beach is very popular during the hot summer days on Cape Cod. Looking for a beach with beautiful views and boogie boarding waves? This beach is for you! Non-resident parking is located at Little Creek, a short distance west of the beach, where a shuttle picks up passengers for the short ride to the sand.

Nauset Light

Take a stop from your bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail to catch some monster waves at Nauset Light Beach! If you’re a fan of body-boarding and getting knocked down by waves, then Nauset Light is the perfect beach for you. Named after the beautiful lighthouse that sits right behind the beach, you don’t want to miss all that Nauset Light has to offer.


Wellfleet has some of the most beloved beaches on the Cape, and for good reason. With calm bay-side beaches that stretch for miles, as well as prominent ocean-side beaches that sit next to massive dunes, Wellfleet has beach options for everyone.

Cahoon Hollow

Looking to visit one of the most well-known sites on the Cape? Look no further than Cahoon Hollow Beach! Cahoon Hollow is one of the most popular beaches on Cape Cod, and there’s no mystery behind it. What sits behind a monstrous dune is a beautiful chunk of the Atlantic where the sandy shores stretch for miles. Sit back and watch surfers cruise along mighty waves, or grab a bite to eat at the Beachcomber!

White Crest

This somewhat secret beach offers spectacular views of the Atlantic. After a steep walk down a monstrous sand dune, White Crest has the perfect waves and miles of sandy shores to walk along (keep this one between us).


This popular beach is a MUST visit on your trip to the Cape. No matter where you are staying, Marconi is truly a unique spot. Located on the Southern end of the Cape Cod National Seashore, Marconi has some wicked waves and beautiful shores to walk along. Get to Marconi early to grab some prime beach area!


If you’re traveling to Truro, be ready for some wicked waves and dunes. Truro is an extremely popular spot for surfers, which always makes beach trips even more entertaining! Along with the beautiful ocean-side beaches, Truro also has numerous child-approved beaches on the bay-side.

Head of the Meadow

If you enjoy body surfing, boogie boarding, or catching some serious waves, make your way to Head of the Meadow, where the dunes rest perfectly over the crashing waves of the Atlantic. This popular beach is a must visit, especially at sunset, where you can enjoy the panoramic views from the parking lot or walking along the soft sandy shores.

Ballston Beach

Ballston Beach is an incredibly scenic spot with beautiful dunes in a rather quiet area. Ballston is the perfect spot if you're looking to take a long walk on a reserved beach with some monster waves. While you’re taking a scenic walk, make sure to watch the surfers ride out the spectacular waves!


Located at the end of Long Nook Road, find your way to this beautiful beach by climbing (or sliding) down a steep dune (trust us, it's worth it). The waves at Longnook are unbeatable, and you might just find yourself walking these sandy shores for miles.


Though Provincetown has fewer beaches than other Outer Cape towns, both of these beaches are some of the most renowned beaches on the Cape. An unbeatable feature of visiting Provincetown beaches is having the ability to make the short trip to Commercial Street, which has dozens of shops, food choices, and amazing vibes!

Race Point

Located right at the end of the famous Race Point Road, walk for miles across the soft and sandy shores. If you’re lucky, you might even get the chance to spot some whales while you’re at it! This beach is a short walk to Race Point Light House and has some perfect waves for body surfing and boogie boarding.

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