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Meet Kylie Breen: A Local Cape Cod Photographer

If you want to learn what someone fears losing look at what they photograph

Kylie started out her photography journey taking photos of the things she loved: sunsets, wildlife, friends, family, and more. Her photography career started with simple pictures of her backyard at the age of twelve taken on her iPad, and although those pictures will most likely never be shared, those images kickstarted something so much bigger for her.

Kylie Breen Photography, owned by Kylie Breen, is a portrait, branding, landscape and wildlife photography service based in East Falmouth, MA. Kylie has been taking photos her whole life, but decided to start her own photography business during her senior year of high school in 2019 after her friends asked her to take their senior photos for the yearbook. Kylie developed her passion for portraiture after taking her friends’ photos, and soon started marketing herself by developing a website and social media platforms.

Over the past year, Kylie has expanded her photography services to families and branding, and gained a lot of exposure through referrals and word of mouth marketing. Many clients expressed their praise for her work as seen below:

“Kylie is an outstanding photographer (and wonderful person!) with an exceptional eye for unique photo spots that encapsulate both the personality and desired persona of her on-camera subjects. For my headshots, I wanted to get a variety of serious and smiling photos but felt uncomfortable having never posed for a serious photo before. Kylie’s calm demeanor and friendly and supportive directorship turned what I feared would be awkward into something natural and fun! Kylie spends time getting to know and understand her client’s wants and needs, which not only empowers her ability to capture the true nature of people, but also turns photo sessions into a day fondly remembered. I’d recommend Kylie to anyone!” - Abigail Perry

In addition to portraiture, Kylie has an impressive wildlife and landscape portfolio from her travels around the cape, Costa Rica, California, and her experience studying abroad in Italy.

Kylie is currently a Junior at Endicott College studying Marketing Communications/Advertising with a double minor in photography and graphic design. Through her studies, she has solidified her editing skills in Photoshop and Lightroom, and progressed her portfolio with a variety of projects inside a professional studio and in outdoor portraiture. She has served as a sports photographer and social media ambassador on campus where she is responsible for photographing important events at the school. When asked her favorite type of photography, Kylie exclaims that she loves wildlife photography as there is ultimately a lack of control which makes this type of photography challenging, but the payoff is often worth the hard work.

Kylie is based in East Falmouth from June to August and knows great photo spots around the Upper Cape that provide the best lighting as well as a variety of backgrounds. Her goal is to, “not only provide you with images that capture who you are, but also to create an exciting experience in a comfortable environment.” Kylie loves to work with people and is willing to accommodate anyone's ideas or inspirations for a photo session. She especially enjoys working with individuals who do not shy away from sharing their personality in front of the camera and she hopes to display each client’s character through her images.

Kylie Breen Photography is open for booking now for seniors, families, branding, couples, events, and more! Check out her website at for more information regarding her services and downloadThe New England Travel App for a 10% discount on her packages!


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